Statement: Lamboy Officially Certified to Run for Mayor

Released at: May 04, 2017
Contact: Lamboy for Mayor Communications



Mayoral Candidate Ray Lamboy (r.) on the steps of City Hall after delivering
local signaturess with the rest of the Our Camden Our Team of
Namibia El (l.), Quinzelle Bethea (center-left) and Tracey Hall Cooper (center-right.)

Camden, NJ - Camden resident and Mayoral candidate Ray Lamoy released the following statement after he and the Our Camden Our Voice slate of candidates were officially certified to run for office in the City of Camden.

Today, I received a call from the Clerk’s office congratulating me on being officially certified to run for Mayor of the city of Camden. It was a proud moment, one that wouldn’t have been possible without my family, my friends and the hundreds of early supporters whose signature got me on the ballot.

I am eager to engage Camden voters and continue the work that I have done at LAEDA, on the Camden School Board and with my church community at building real independent economic and political power in Camden. At making our city a better place for all residents and not just the well-financed few.

Over the next several weeks, people will come to find that I have the experience as a small business owner and a non-profit leader to creatively tackle the challenges that our city faces. That I have the energy and commitment to ensure that everyone benefits from the city’s resurgence and not just large corporations, deep-pocketed influencers and party bureaucrats. .

I won’t hide in the shadows. I’ll step up to answer the tough questions and explain to voters how they will have a voice and a vote at the decision-making table. They deserve that kind of accountability and transparency their next Mayor.

Me and my team of visionary energetic leaders - Namibia El Burke, QuinzEl Amor-Bey and Tracey Hall Cooper - stand ready to serve. Today, we start the work of  putting Camden’s hard-working residents back at the center of their local government.

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