Ray Lamboy Captures the Heart of the Village

Released at: May 04, 2017
Contact: Lamboy for Mayor Communications

Mayoral Candidate Wins Local Mayoral Forum over  Theo Spencer and Absent Frank Moran


Camden Mayoral Candidate Ray Lamboy (r) with Theo Spencer (l)
and an empty chair representing absent City Council President Frank Moran. 

 Camden resident and non-profit leader Ray Lamboy released the following statement after receiving the endorsement of community members attending a Mayoral Forum Monday night hosted by The Village of Camden, a local grassroots community group. Lamboy soundly defeated consultant Theo Spencer 28-11, with an absent City Council President Frank Moran coming in fourth.

“I want to thank the Village of Camden for opening up their doors Monday evening not just to me but to all the candidates running for Mayor. The people at the Village are leaders who volunteer their time, week in and week out, to educate, mobilize and organize our community. Its thanks to the hard work of leaders at the Village and those who showed up that we have a shot at building real independent economic and political power in Camden. At making our city a better place for all residents and not just the well-financed few.

Tonight, people heard why I should be their next mayor. I have the experience as a small business owner and a non-profit leader to creatively tackle the city’s problems so that everyone benefits from the city’s resurgence and not just large corporations and deep-pocketed influencers.

And people saw why Frank Moran shouldn’t.

Frank’s absence sent a clear, disrespectful message to the volunteers at the Village and to the people who came out to be a part of the democratic process.  He told them that he didn’t need to earn their vote. That as long as he has the support of Mayor Redd and the political machine, he could just stay home.

Being Mayor, Frank Moran, means always working to earn the people’s vote. As Mayor, I won’t hide in the shadows. I won’t stop looking to get more of our people closer to their dreams. With a team of diverse leaders, we’ll ensure that the community has both a voice and a vote at the decision-making table. We won’t stop until we put Camden residents back at the center of their local government."



Mayoral Candidate Ray Lamboy with audience members. 



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